“Dintotdeauna am stiu ca muzica are o putere enorma de penetrare a spiritului si ca poate scoate afara si cele mai ascunse emotii. Am lucrat mult cu muzica si lucrez in continuare cu ea fiindca simt ca atinge profund acele zone pe care, de multe ori, le preferam intunecate.

Ceea ce n-am stiut, insa, este faptul ca un “simplu” desen sau colaj poate arata atat de multe despre mine, fara ca eu sa scot nici macar un singur cuvant. Am fost profund uimita, daca nu chiar socata sa descopar cum o “simpla” alaturare de imagini sau culori, o alegere constienta pe care am facut-o la un moment dat, mi-a relevat aspecte inconstiente pe care nu le-as fi banuit. Prin intermediul propriilor “creatii” am gasit raspunsuri la framantarile mele, am gasit explicatii la atitudinile si modul meu de a actiona in anumite situatii ale vietii, am aflat ca ceea ce credeam eu despre mine este diferit de ceea ce sunt de fapt.

Am realizat ca manifestarea prin arta (muzica, desen, modelaj, dans etc) patrunde foarte adanc in fiinta noastra si are puterea de a scoate de acolo ceea ce doar cuvantul, cu siguranta ca n-ar reusi atat de clar si lesne.

Maria Mitrut,”

To Whom It May Concern :

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Mihai Albu during the period November 2008- February 2009, when he was a therapist facilitator for a group of art therapy in which I have participated as a client.

Those 4 months meant a lot for me as well as for the whole group, representing a very stimulative experience, everything being based on the fact that it was catalized by Mr. Albu.

His excellent communication skills, his good listener skills, the creativity that he constantly proved during this group, the ability of stimulating people to talk and open their hearts and minds, the know-how about giving feed-back and also the openess of sharing his own experiences, sensations, feelings with us, transformed this experience in an exciting inner discovery.

As I am working in the Human Resources field, I am very glad that I had the opportunity of living this very special and helpful experience of personal development, that wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and fully commiting of Mihai Albu.

Beyond being a professional, Mihai is an inner researcher, that’s why he can make things so authentical, and that’s why the participation to this art therapy group became an invitation to authenticity.

I left the group more confident, full of energy, able to accept my weaknesses and to see them from another point of view. That’s because the facilitator succeded to transmit the message that I CAN DO IT !

That’s why I warmly recommend Mihai ALBU as a therapist.

For any further information, please, do not hesitate to contact me at


Elisabeta Angelescu”

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